The idea behind ITALIAN D’VINE to launch single-brand products conveys an important added value: a storytelling that is clearly evident on the pack that puts the accent on those elements that make the table of those who want to eat Italian even more special. Each product is told the story and the link with the territory of origin, with a lot of image of the one who represents the symbol of this fable. “Putting the face”, MILTONCUISINE in art, Milton Igor Berdicchia, president and inspiration of the company, known for his stylistic labors in the field of jewelry and fashion accessories, wishes, together with his wife Simona Clipa, to consecrate the philosophy of ITALIAN D ‘VINE. And he adds:. “ITALIAN D’VINE sums up in itself values such as quality, safety and Italianness that have made the success of my inspirations in other fields, addressing a consumer aware of the value that Made in Italy represents for us”.


LAUNCH expected

The line will be launched by December 2019 with a few initial products: Pasta, Flour, Oil, Wine, Balsamic Vinegar, Pickles, Peeled Tomato, Wines, Patè etc. From December onwards the line will grow to represent all the elite product categories and all Italian regional territories. It will have a double exposure on the points of sale, both in areas with a strong visual impact and within the reference categories.

On the digital side, ITALIAN D’VINEwill experiment the most innovative activities on this line, proposing moments of interaction and analysis on different social channels. Price positioning will be in line with quality. But the commercial logic of ITALIAN D’VINE, based on the efficiency of logistics and management processes, will also allow it to be competitive on this line with the highest target market references.